Author: Alexander Armstrong

Where You Should Start Your Business in Canada

There’s nothing more exciting than going into a new business venture that has a potential to grow big beyond your expectation. After deciding on what industry you’ll tap into, the location of where it will be set up is the next thing to consider.


This is a vital decision to your business since location greatly affects its growth and development in most aspects — customer engagement, production deliveries, sales, and profit. It’s a good idea to get some research done to look for the best places that is great for the kind of industry you’re in.


With that said, the question now is where in Canada is the best place to set up your business?



You can choose between Edmonton and Grand Prairie. These two cities can definitely be the home of your money-making dream even though they are known for different reasons.


Edmonton is said to be known for oil and manufacturing industries, while Grand Prairie is known for being located in a Regional Trading Area and it’s large size, making it one of the best cities  to start something outside the oil industry.


The government and the community in both cities are very supportive of any small businesses ideas. Edmonton even has Edmonton Economic Development Corp which works to build development within the city. There are certain benefits for those who are starting their own small businesses such as getting a grant or a free ride of the property tax for a certain time period.



Reasons to start your business here include great community support resources for entrepreneurs, low startup business cost combined with low cost of living, small business summit, Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce Startup Program, along with many others. With its quality of life in Winnipeg and its great support system, entrepreneurs can surely enjoy the exciting events in Manitoba while earning some money of their own.



Although Milton is known for being so close to downtown Toronto, it’s also becoming known for being quite a fast growing city. Like the aforementioned cities, Milton also has a supportive government to start up businesses. Considering taxes, the Town of Milton has one of the lowest property tax in the Greater Toronto Area. This might be of great help to you and your business.



Whitby is also another fast growing community in Canada. There is an increasing number of small businesses here, and that’s probably a good sign for you to start here as well! Advantages of choosing Whitby as your place of business include central location, educated workforce, business cost, quality of life, and the ‘open for business’ attitude. Whitby is on the north shore of Lake Ontario having transportation linkages to major highways, passenger and freight rail, air and sea, and is near the US border. On top of that, they have very competitive business costs compared to other locations in the GTA.



This town is located north of Vancouver where it’s surrounded by mountains like the Stawamus Chief. Like Milton, it has one of the lowest rates on the property taxes in Canada. Squamish is a great place to set up a business because of the support they give to small and local businesses, while having a good quality of life off work.


These are just few suggestions you could consider. As an entrepreneur, you already know that you should first develop your business idea, conduct a market research, and make a business plan before going further. Canada is a huge country and there are a lot of places to discover that could potentially be the location of your business venture. It all depends on the industry you’re in, your market, and of course for the future of your money-making dream.

How Much Do You Know About Personal Bank Loans?

Loan (n.) – a thing that is borrowed, especially a sum of money that is expected to be paid back with interest. This is a popular term among adults trying to get by and making ends meet. We all  know what a loan is but not a lot of people know all about it and how it works. Understanding loans is very useful to know just in case that the need for immediate cash arises and buying some stuffs like gadgets, clothes such as apparels and rose gold sequin bridesmaid dresses. Here are a few interesting things you should know about personal bank loans.


Did you know? There are different types of personal loans. The first one is the Secured Personal Loan, a loan that requires collateral. Next is the the opposite of the first: Unsecured Personal Loan which is a loan that does not require collateral. Third is the Unsecured Bad Credit Personal Loans. This tends to have higher interest rates. Lastly, there’s the Guaranteed Personal Loans, and this requires proof of being able to pay back the borrowed amount.


When signing up for a loan, be sure to read and understand what’s written in the documents before signing. You shouldn’t also forget to check the rates again when you’re about to sign the loan documentation just in case there’s a change in interest rates. Another thing you can do to make sure you get the best deal in personal loans is to to compare lenders because not all banks offer the same rates.


With personal loans, interests are much lower that credit cards. Having that said, you may use a personal bank loan to pay your credit card debt and home credit loans to clothing for tankini swimsuits for women. Just be sure to pay fees upfront. Also, you should check your credit card report to make sure it’s accurate. To get the best possible deal, keep the amount of a purchase financed to a minimum.


The rate of loan interests is based on the status of the economy so it’s wiser to wait for the money to be taken out when the rates are low . It’s going to be so much easier for you and your pocket if interests aren’t as high so you could still save a little for yourself. In addition, be careful not to loan against your house just in case you have trouble controlling your buying habits.


Keep a copy of your checks written out for the loan. It’s inevitable to have problems when some people in the bank make mistakes, so it’s good that you have proof to show them that you have paid them so you can avoid scam, confusion or double payment. When paying off the loan, the faster the better. It’s possible that it will cut down the amount of interest paid. However, you have to ask ahead if there are no underlying fees for paying off the loan before it’s due.


These are just a few facts you should know about loans. If you want to know more, ask your financial adviser or your relatives and friends who have tried getting a loan. There might be more information you need to know and further understand. So when it comes to loans, research before applying and always be mindful.

The Mannequin of fashion apparel

During the peak season of fashion apparel in the Paris, all over the world has influenced also. The culture in fashion industry is practiced to wear some plus size jumpsuits and rompers to be inclined with the innovation of other country. It was on the 18th century that the commotions of having a realistic mannequin in a clothing shop arise.

They have this culture that to be able to gain popularity for a dress shop, the mannequin should be very realistic to attract customers, unfortunately, instead of attracting, it end up repelling the customers because of an aery feeling anyone would feel by looking at the dresses. There was this shop in Mexico who shocked the world from using a mannequin that seems to be real. It has left the people who stopped by to have goose bumps and to be frightened.

The name of the bridal mannequin if La Pascualita or Little Pascuala. Its first appearance was on a shop of cheap diamond engagement rings for women window from the city of Chihuahua, Mexico.  The moment it was seen by the passers, they were surprised to such delicate mannequin that looks surreal. However, the people began to wonder, because it resembles the daughter of the owner. There were rumors that spread lingers inside the town, and they soon believe that it was indeed the embalmed daughter that recently died on the same day of her supposed to be wedding day, but she was bitten by a venomous spider. In addition, the mother was supposed to be filing an official statement that denies about the rumors of her daughter. It was too late for her to convince the people about it.

Historians knew that embalming in ancient times is very popular and in demand in the community. If the embalmer has the skill to make his client last long, the more it could attract customers. That is why it is not surprising to have negative feedback from the people in the La Pascualita case, because it is really confidential and a sensitive topic.


How to Look Effortlessly Chic with Your Outfit

The street style and bathing suit tops trend going on right now is cool and the athleisure style is comfortable than any other fashion sense, but looking chic and classy never hurt anybody. Just like what Audrey Hepburn once said, elegance is the only beauty that never fades. Thinking of what to wear everyday may be a bit overwhelming, which can sometimes lead to a ridiculous outfit that screams TRYING HARD. We wouldn’t want that now would we? Here’s how to have an effortlessly chic ensemble you can wear anytime you want.

Let’s start with your closet. Looking your best requires organization and cheap clothing stores online. So cancel your Sunday plans, and spend time with your clothes. Make piles of clothing and categorize them to make things easier. Make a pile for clothes you want to keep, sell, recycle (save mother earth while you’re at so don’t throw it away), or donate it to charity. This will allow you to reevaluate your style, know what clothes you have, change your wardrobe, and get rid of the ones taking up space because they are never worn anymore.

While reorganizing your clothes, embrace the classics. Whatever classic piece you have like a little black dress or a basic white tee keep them! If you feel the need to add a new piece to your new wardrobe, make sure to invest in timeless pieces, not the trendy items. If you have a thing for jumpsuits and rompers for women, choose those with plain and classy colors such as an all white or bold red piece.

Women’s clothing can be a pretty challenging esp. if you wore plus size swimwear for women thing to deal with because of the endless options women have in terms of fashion. Looking effortlessly beautiful actually can take a lot of effort sometimes because we are so used to thinking carefully to have a great outfit of the day. The trick is to not overthink. Keep in mind the rule of three: use three colors and tones for your outfit. Also, do away from the stiff looking clothes and opt for breathable fabrics and a flowy top that you can loosely & imperfectly tuck in your pants.

Lastly, go easy on your hair and makeup. Go for a barely there makeup look or the natural flushed look. Let go of your hair and you’re good to go. If you have an event to attend, choose a lipstick color that will make a statement like a classic red. You can also have a sleek pushed back hair. I don’t know about you but a classy and effortlessly beautiful look is and will always be a head turner, so go for it!

Two of the Most Influential Style Bloggers You Should Follow

Personal style bloggers are making a name for themselves in the world, especially in the fashion industry that are assigned to make dressy rompers and jumpsuits. Being tagged as “just good-looking brainless” individuals, they have proven themselves to be more than just the blog posts and photos they upload online. They have become big influencers who are able to get front row seats at fashion shows and land themselves major campaigns, projects and collaboration turning their blogs to serious business.


If you need someone who you can look up to, especially in the world of fashion, here are two of the most influential style bloggers you could start stalking. For women’s clothing, style and fashion do’s and don’ts, you can visit The Blonde Salad . The brilliant mind behind this blog is Chiara Ferragni, a 27-year old Italian who now lives in Los Angeles. She seems to have the widest audience reach with over 3 million followers on Instagram. Anyone who would check her site usually would also check out the links she posted, and that makes an effective influencer. No wonder she’s so successful!


On the other hand, for men’s clothing, shades, style and fashion blogs, check out Bryanboy by Bryan Grey Yambao. He is said to be THE fashion fashion blogger and best friend of Fashion Toast’s Rumi Neely. This New York-based blogger started out as an online-diary keeper and transformed to being a celebrity and fashion insider. He is involved in big projects like being a host in several seasons of Ämerica’s Next Top Model”. His site possess a minimalist style which is a millennial trend right now, and has over 500k followers on Instagram.


These style icons are such an inspiration to aspiring bloggers out there who more likely to go on some bars and play the spin the shot game, like them, want to be as well a successful influencers like they are. But these two aren’t the only bloggers we should keep an eye on because there are a lot of them we should admire such as Aimee Song, Wendy Nguyen, Rumi Neely, Nicole Warne, and many more. It’s so amazing how they transformed simple blogging into a serious business and made their own names with the creativity shown in their work.