Two of the Most Influential Style Bloggers You Should Follow

Personal style bloggers are making a name for themselves in the world, especially in the fashion industry that are assigned to make dressy rompers and jumpsuits. Being tagged as “just good-looking brainless” individuals, they have proven themselves to be more than just the blog posts and photos they upload online. They have become big influencers who are able to get front row seats at fashion shows and land themselves major campaigns, projects and collaboration turning their blogs to serious business.


If you need someone who you can look up to, especially in the world of fashion, here are two of the most influential style bloggers you could start stalking. For women’s clothing, style and fashion do’s and don’ts, you can visit The Blonde Salad . The brilliant mind behind this blog is Chiara Ferragni, a 27-year old Italian who now lives in Los Angeles. She seems to have the widest audience reach with over 3 million followers on Instagram. Anyone who would check her site usually would also check out the links she posted, and that makes an effective influencer. No wonder she’s so successful!


On the other hand, for men’s clothing, shades, style and fashion blogs, check out Bryanboy by Bryan Grey Yambao. He is said to be THE fashion fashion blogger and best friend of Fashion Toast’s Rumi Neely. This New York-based blogger started out as an online-diary keeper and transformed to being a celebrity and fashion insider. He is involved in big projects like being a host in several seasons of Ämerica’s Next Top Model”. His site possess a minimalist style which is a millennial trend right now, and has over 500k followers on Instagram.


These style icons are such an inspiration to aspiring bloggers out there who more likely to go on some bars and play the spin the shot game, like them, want to be as well a successful influencers like they are. But these two aren’t the only bloggers we should keep an eye on because there are a lot of them we should admire such as Aimee Song, Wendy Nguyen, Rumi Neely, Nicole Warne, and many more. It’s so amazing how they transformed simple blogging into a serious business and made their own names with the creativity shown in their work.